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How to learn what you want in a relationship while traveling

How to learn what you want in a relationship while traveling

Do people think that being single and happy is a cover-up for your inability to settle down? Personally the reason why I can't seem to settle down is what lead me to write this post and use my humor sketches to share 8 romance stories to entertain you about my dating game. When I tell people I'm single, I just have to clarify that finding love doesn't have to equate to conforming to society's expectation for your life.

If you want to find the truth of your desire in life, you have to start by asking what do I truly love, what's beautiful, what is good, what moves me deeply, what makes me happy? If you can answer those questions, I honestly think they have the ability to take you on the journey of finding your ultimate desire. That desire might be to settle down with that special someone and start a family which is a commendable pursuit. And if that’s not part of your plan (yet), I’m here to tell you that point of view is also commendable.


I'll admit that having an unconventional lifestyle can sometimes be uncomfortable mostly because people tend to ask questions digging into your insecurities. That's why I think self-assessment questions that make us think about our goals, fears, and desires often go unanswered. Instead of exploring ourselves, we stumble around the roadblocks and imaginary fears we've unintentionally placed in front of us. 

Excuse me if I'm deflecting my personal views. I just find that the subject of “are you dating anyone?” is a constant theme wherever I go.  Perhaps you don't even have to be a solo traveler like me, but anyone whose lifestyle deviates slightly from "society’s" expectations. I truly believe that the idea that everyone's story should somehow be similar is a corrosive idea.


Embracing my story means that I had to realize what I want, that singleness doesn't imply loneliness, bid farewell to undeserving relationships that lingered, and feel good about the experiences that made me feel loved and respected.  

Traveling is a good way to reassess what you want in a relationship and perhaps find what qualities are important to you before you settle. I feel it’s a privilege and gift to be able to travel while single, and by slowly navigating through life, travel journeys, and obstacles, it’s helping me understand myself and what I want in a relationship. So, the long-awaited 8 points are my personal favorite memories with men I met in my travel journey. These recollections are from taking mental notes every time I felt understood and cared for. Sometimes their action was intentional and sometimes it was unintentional and unwarranted, but they nonetheless made me feel valued. 

  1. Shared moments create deep connections

1. doublerainbowinrome.jpg

I was soaking in the beauty of Roma with my date and I looked up and noticed a rainbow above the fountain and cathedrals. I was in awe to see another one right above it. It makes me happy when shared moments create deep connections.

2. He’s a good listener


I was babbling how I wanted to learn how to long board. I didn't think he was listening to the details of what I was saying.I was surprised to see a huge box outside my door a month after being back from Puerto Vallarta.

3. He cares for your well being


When a hand- written postcard arrived from Brazil. Thought me that he really cares for my well-being.

4. Respects the fam


When he wanted my sister to come on our first date so she wouldn’t be bored. Having a partner that loves my family and respects my values is important to me.

5. He’s spontaneous and likes to make me laugh

4. florence.jpg

We danced on the streets of Florence to Bob Marley. Doing something spontaneous with person I have a lot in common with is always ok with me.

6. We both share the same intrests

3. Food.jpg

Sharing his food with me. He was the kind that doesn't like to share his food, but finding common interest (in this case eating) feels right even when it means I'm sharing your food.

7. He’s a man of his word

2. Passport.jpg

When he promised me that he'll get his passport and start traveling and he did. I know this action benefits him more than me, but I like a guy that says what he means and means what he says.

8. He will do what it takes to make you happy

7. Plane.jpg

Flying 10 hours to come see me. I mean, I don't even have to explain how this made me feel super special

Self-knowledge is a road to self-love and acceptance of Our story. Maybe you find your self single and baffled because you're a darn good catch. I'm here to say allow your journey to teach you what you want in a partner. Enjoy simply being single and  take mental notes of what kind of partner you want to journey in life with when you're ready to settle down. And for all the folks with the right intention but wrong words, maybe consider using your words to build single people up and your intentions to think outside the box. What an enlightening idea, ha! Hope you enjoyed my sketch and blurb. Comment below with your opinion, are you single?

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