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8 surprising reasons to get a check-up in Bangkok

8 surprising reasons to get a check-up in Bangkok

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If vacation and an annual check-up are what you’re, after look no further than Bangkok. Like most people, I’ve also heard plenty about medical tourism but never experienced it for myself. Arguably, Bangkok is the most popular vacation spot for many reasons, but fast forward to the most appealing part of my second trip there. It was experiencing amazing service and care at Bumrungrad International Hospital.

You see, I have the kind of health insurance that allows me to get medical care or a health exam anywhere in the world (Liberty Share insurance) , and since I was due for a physical and regular check-up, I mustered up the courage to do something I’ve never done before: get a check-up outside The States.
The day after I arrived in Bangkok, I went to get registered at the Bumrungrad International Hospital. The process was very simple: they took my information, made me sign some legal paperwork, and came back with an ID card.


I made an appointment for the next day at 7:30 am. When I tell you that the excellent service you receive at their hospital resembles a five-star luxury hotel, it’s an understatement. Combined with the friendly and warm Thai hospitality, their efficiency, top of the line medical facility and equipment will leave you wondering if you’ve perhaps reached a hospital paradise.
As a staff nurse who has worked at three hospitals in the city of Chicago, a travel nurse that’s worked in hospitals across the U.S., a patient in an Emergency Room, and a visitor of friends and family members who were hospitalized, I can honestly say I have never seen anything like this in the States. So without hesitation, let me list let me list 8 tempting reasons to consider getting your next check-up in Bangkok.


The clean and modern look shows you that going to the hospital doesn’t have to be stressful. And, it only takes half a day to get a full work up.


Since they know you’ve had nothing to eat for the blood work, they make sure to feed you after your blood test is done and before you see the doctor.


It’s way cheaper than what you would spend in the States, and if you live close to Bangkok but in a country where the medical facility is not on par, you can get the best care.


Areas are filled with customer friendly services like water bottles by the waiting areas, a greeter next to the elevator or doorway, a station where you can place tests so you don’t walk around with it in public, and nurses who explain things with a smile on their faces.


They are efficient. Everything was done in half a day: a cardiogram, ultrasound, chest x-ray, full blood work, hearing and vision, and a pap-smear.


Nurses dress like Emirate flight attendants without the cap.

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The staff are friendly and they greet you with a bow, answer your questions, and direct you to where you need to go.


The patient gowns will keep your privacy and dignity intact. Prior to starting your checkup, they provide you with a key to your personal locker, scrub pants, and a shirt. In the locker you find your own slippers and shawl.

Ok, if these 8 reasons are not good enough reasons for you to number 1. Get a regular check up, 2. Go do it in Bangkok, and 3. Fit in a vacation so your body and mind can get the rest it needs, I don’t know what is. Hope you enjoyed this read. If you have, please share, like, or comment. Thanks!

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