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The most serene place to stay in Debre zeit.

The most serene place to stay in Debre zeit.

The perks of going to Bishoftu (Debre zeit) are incredible especially for frazzled Addis Ababans, diasporas, or any foreigners for that matter.

Once you go past the busy streets in search of tranquility, you’ll find lodges and hotels surrounding the 7 lakes settled in this small town.

Most of the lodges and hotels in Debre zeit attract the elite crowds looking for a quick getaway, but the lodge I want to talk about is Babogaya Lake Viewpoint Lodge.

This lodge is unassuming  and perfect especially if you’ve been overwhelmed by the overcrowded Addis scene and need a glamping gateway.


So, when I was due for a break from the city, my friend, Eden, suggested the lodge and we packed our bags and headed there for a weekend trip. I honestly believe escaping bustling cities for somewhere quiet where you’re surround yourself with nature is the most restorative practice one can do.


Sometimes life throws the same kind of obstacles at you, and you forget how you handled it in the first place. And that’s exactly how I felt before my trip. Whether it was the overwhelming stress that comes from driving a car in Addis or my PMS slowly creeping up on me, I had an irritating week.


In the past, I had been conscious about triggers that make me feel overwhelmed and made sure to practice self-care to avoid monthly meltdowns. However I had totally failed to do so in the recent months. So, this trip came at a perfect time to help keep me stay sane.


When we arrived, I noticed this little lodge was tucked so inconspicuously that you would most likely miss your turn if you blinked.

Maybe that’s why I liked it. Unlike the flashy lodges and hotels surrounding Lake Babogaya, this eco-lodge sits confidently and quietly. When you walk in, you are met by a surprisingly beautiful view of nature.


Rustic looking lodges are spread in the midst of the most colorful garden I’ve seen in awhile. For me, being in the midst of nature has a special restorative power. I immediately felt relaxed and tensions started melting away.

Once we got settled in our room, my friend wanted to go for a swim, so we followed the sloped steps down to the lake. I’ve always heard of Lakes in Debre zeit and would ask if you’d be able to go swimming in it, and I was always told no.

So, when I saw Lake Babogaya’s crystal clear water was clean enough to swim in, I, too, took a dip the next morning.


After enjoying fresh caught fish for dinner then freshly baked biscuits and organic eggs for breakfast, we lounged, took a nap on the outside terrace overlooking the beautiful lake, and basically had to persuade ourselves to head back to Addis.

I’m not sure if one night was enough, but we both already felt refreshed and ready to face what Monday had to offer. Trips like this one are always important for me not only to unplug, but to spend quality time with a friend or family.


So, what would you do if you had a free weekend and you wanted to take a break from the high pressure and stress caused by life?

There’s certainly no right or wrong answer just as long as you make sure it restores your tired mind, balances you, and you’re re-energized by it.

Quote to keep you balanced: A good question to revisit whenever overwhelmed are you having a breakdown or breakthrough?

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