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Glamping in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Glamping in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

What do you do when you need to recalibrate your busy city-dwelling yet nature-loving self? I can think of many coping mechanisms, but one that’s tested and true for me is a quick getaway trip with a friend or two. And, if you agree, keep on reading to hear 8 ways you can prepare a mindful glamping trip. 

Taking time for self-care is a must for me these days. While I was living and working in Ethiopia, I took a trip to Debre Zeit and that’s when I realized that a quick getaway is crucial to my mental well-being. Often the difference between feeling burned out and enjoying work can be a simple weekend trip. 

If you’re not a hardcore camper, like me, then glamping may be up your alley. There is something restorative about getting away from monotony and reconnecting with nature. The events that led me on a glamping trip to Harpers Ferry vary. Between the eminent, uneasy feeling I get midway into my travel nurse assignment and a recent breakup that sparked my curiosity to explore self-love, I was ready for some rest and relaxation in a cozy cabin in the woods. 

When my work friends and I planned this trip, it was after a few margaritas at happy hour. While our morale was high, we made a Summer 2019 bucket list and started to plan our glamping trip. 

Planning is a must when it comes to these trips. Glamping exists in a spectrum between glamour on one end and rough around the edges on the other side. Planning the trip carefully can land you in that perfect spot on the spectrum. 

And, having a well thought out, unassuming discussion about your glamping trip is necessary to plan.

So here are 8 ways you can plan and enjoy your next glamping trip with your friends.  

1. Pick a glamping spectrum

Decide where on the spectrum you’re at. If you prefer to rough it in the wilderness, stick with sleeping in a tent. If not, choose your accommodations on Airbnb. It can be a lodge, cabin, cute tent, or even outside gazing at the starry skies.

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2. Know your limits.

See who is willing to do and get things done in the group. Assign friends to get food, drinks, accommodation gear, plan fun activities, and who’s in charge of the building fires and making meals. (Checklist) 

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3. Me Time

The best part of my day started when I woke up and went to the lake to meditate, journal, and do some yoga in front of the beautiful river in front of our lodge. This can be anytime during the weekend. You can go for a hike or find a quiet place to meditate, reflect, and journal your thoughts. 

4. Time together

Alone time is great, but also find activities that everyone can enjoy together.

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5. Glamping In Harpers Ferry

What makes you feel easy, relaxes you, and brings joy? To me, it's being next to water. Find whatever it is and do it during your trips. This can also be reading a good book, going for a hike, fishing, canoeing. Harpers Ferry was a great place in that sense because all those accommodations were available.


6. Staying present in Harpers Ferry

My friends and I found a cute ice-cream store the first day, made dinner together and the next day we went for wine tasting. We also went for a hike and engaged on some adventure playing geocaching, a treasure hunt game where you use GPS to find hidden treasures.


7. Mindfulness

What makes these trips great for me is I have the opportunity to get to know more about myself. As I practice mindfulness and self reflection, I also get to look outwardly and get to know friends in a whole new way. It's interesting what you can learn about yourself and others during these trips.


8. Post glamping plans and easing into reality


Coming back to reality can be tough, so preplanning some activities to help you ease into reality. I went to get a manicure, my eyebrows threaded, and came home and put on my hydrating face mask. Planning ahead for self care activities or planning a meal before you leave on your trip can help.

A trip like this can be grounding and inspiring. You can come back energized and relaxed. So, if what I’ve said resonates with you, I hope this blog post inspires you to plan you next glamping getaway. 

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